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  • Provides tools and resources to plan a flexible career path.

  • Answers questions about careers in the hospitality industry.

  • Simplifies and explains hospitality industry concepts into bite-sized easy to remember chunks. 

  • Helps students take full advantage of their degree.

  • Sets you up for your future career in hospitality.

The why

Hospitality education teaches you information about the hospitality industry.


Hospitality education gives you some practical skills in data analysis and review, essay writing, and presentation skills. But does it does not fully prepare you for the real world. It simply cannot.

The real world of hospitality is complex and increasingly changing - just like any other industry.

I was a fresh graduate ready to get to work, thinking I know all I need about the industry. So foolish...! I knew nothing! I was lucky to get a great opportunity in the corporate side of the business and then my learning began.


I learned by doing, what it's really all about.

I want to help students to take advantage of their degrees and smash it once you enter the workforce!


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