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Hello and Welcome!

I am so happy to have you here, taking charge of your future and your career in the hospitality and tourism industry!


The hospitality industry has so many career options and potential paths, it is really hard to wrap your head around it. Unfortunately, the full scope of the industry is rarely presented to students like yourself.


For some reason, the whole industry has been limited to hotels, restaurants, tourism and airlines.


There is so much more! The full picture is so complex!


And I can't wait to tell you all about it!


When started my career in the "real world" after graduating I realised how much I did not know.

I graduated with my BA in Hospitality Management in 2015 and now with 5+ years of experience, I want to share everything I have learned with you!


Because you deserve to know what it's really like

Because how are you supposed to make informed decisions about your future without all the information? You can't.

That's what being a #savvyhotelier is all about.

Be a #savvyhotelier and through information, take charge of your career and make the most of your education!

My story

When studying Hospitality Management, I had a number of visions of where my career could take me, no solid plan and an open mind.

It all started with restaurants, working first in casual, then in fine dining restaurants, and volunteering as an event manager for a conference.

Thanks to the event management experience, I started seeing myself as more than "just a waitress" and understood that there were other options.

Upon graduation, I was really open to any path that would present itself to me - honestly, I had no plan (and I loved it!)

One of my applications worked out and I got a job as an Intern at the corporate office of IHG in London! Mindblowing!


You know what's even more mindblowing? I barely knew what a corporate office does (or that they even exist!).

Now, should a hospitality graduate know this? YES! 

Why didn't I? I don't know 🤷

But there began my steeeeep learning journey and here I am, sharing my experience with you. So that you have a clearer picture of what is possible and how you could get there!

A hospitality industry career as a #savvyhotelier that takes charge of its own career without waiting for anyone. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Get in touch!

I love chatting and getting to know you!

Privcay and security
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Privacy and security

The security of your data is important to me. If you contact me either via this site, email, or a third party, or otherwise provide me with your data, I will ensure to protect your personal information in line with the Privacy and Cookie Notice. 


If you wish to reach out to me, please send me an email on or contact me via Instagram @savvyhotelier or Facebook Messenger 

I am excited to connect!

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