5 Hospitality Jobs You Probably Never Heard Of

When choosing to pursue a career in hospitality you probably had an idea what your career could look like.

Rosewood Hotel - The Carlyle

You imagined that you would work in either a hotel or a restaurant and after a few years as a frontline employee you would get promoted to a manager, and another few years later you would become a director.

Perhaps you would set your eyes on a General Manager role, but only really if you’ve got enough experience in Front Office.

You only see this as your career path in the hospitality industry, because career guides like this one tell you that. While this example is very visual (which is nice) in contrast to your usual bullet-point list, it is still limited and reflects the old school thinking that is limiting the hospitality industry.

What’s wrong with today’s hospitality career guidance

Hospitality career guides today imply that you must follow a certain very specific career path to become a manager in a field and the various fields are never connected. Events are separate from restaurants and hotels in this chart, and restaurants are not even connected to coffee shops.

If you ever want to be a good general manager, you would need to have solid experience in all departments and understand their daily challenges. Not just finance, room, and front desk.

When you were choosing hospitality as your career, a linear career plan was sold to you. You were told to choose between hotels, restaurants, events, airlines, and tourism and focus on your operational skills and expertise in that area.

I am here to tell you that you were mis-sold. You were sold a career dream that does not exist anymore. <