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52 Hospitality Companies to Follow in 2021

This is a list of companies in various categories of the hospitality industry that I recommend you follow to stay informed. It covers hotels, OTAs, apartment rentals, airlines, travel magazines, and industry research.

It is NOT the one and only full list of companies to follow, there are many more companies out there and there are plenty more local and regional companies to where you are.

This is a place to start learning and reading industry news, magazines and staying informed.

You don’t have to follow them all, pick those that you are interested and focus in on the area of hospitality that you are interested in.

When choosing to follow the companies, consider this:

  • Follow the parent brand (like Marriott International) and their hotel brands (JW Marriott or Moxy, and don’t forget their loyalty programme brand) on social media, at least on LinkedIn. I suggest to also consider Instagram or Facebook so that you can also see their consumer content.

  • Subscribe to their press releases and you will be the first to know when they launch something new or announce a new hotel opening.

  • Join their loyalty programmes and subscribe to all marketing. That way you can in touch with their marketing strategies and offers.

Global hotel companies:

Apartment rentals companies:

Boutique hotel and travel communities:

Follow these airlines that do things a little differently:

In airspace, follow these companies too:

Third parties and online travel agencies:

Travel inspiration magazines: