Finance vs Revenue - What's The Difference?

As a student, you’re probably thinking of revenue management and finance as one of the same. Categorised as something like “math” or “numbers” in your mind.

But have you considered them as a career option? Probably not.

After all, you started studying in hospitality because you wanted to work with people and have a personal interaction with customers, not to sit behind a desk looking at excel spreadsheets.

I was the same when I was a student. Even though I was good at the “math” and “numbers”, I didn’t see myself doing anything like that.

Or maybe I was never presented this as an opportunity? 🤔

Well, here is your opportunity. I wrote this post so that you know that finance and revenue management are totally feasible options for your future in the hospitality industry.

Finance and revenue management definitions

Finance and revenue management are not the same. Very different in fact.

Their jobs are not all just about excel spreadsheets, there is a whole lot of relationship management and working with people too!