Hospitality Career in Times of Uncertainly - Find Your Opportunity

The world has changed.

The hospitality industry has been irreversibly affected. Thousands of people have lost their jobs. The future is uncertain and impossible to plan for.

This uncertainly is an opportunity for you to pause and think about your hospitality career and come up with a flexible career plan.

But first, let’s look at some facts on how the hospitality industry has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Where we are in the world today

The hospitality industry has been widely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, people have lost their jobs and are going to keep losing their jobs as things escalate further. Even though governments have some financial relief funds, it is not nearly enough.

Hotel owners and restaurants owners cannot pay their employees because no one is coming to stay and eat with them. They are small businesses and with government instructions across the world to close the business, such as the UK and Spain for example, it is almost impossible to pay wages.

Everyone that is not part of the essential workforce is told to stay home, many people have no income and must claim unemployment. As an example, unemployment claims have hit the highest level ever in the US, with 9,95 million people claiming unemployment