Hotel Finance: What Do They Do

Why is it useful for you to know about the different jobs in the finance department of a hotel? If you chose to invest 3-4 years of your life studying hospitality, the art of hosting people, you are probably not planning to work in finance.

Well, finance is big and you should not be prejudice against it.

Why should you care about finance?

The finance department in a hotel has the role of tracking the cost of running the hotel and making sure that the revenue makes a profit.

The finance department has many jobs that are just pure finance and are not hospitality-specific, that’s inevitable.

However, the hotel has several jobs that require front line and operational understanding, of food and beverage outlets and rooms. Many roles require working with people and being able to lead challenging conversations, such as negotiations.

Not yet convinced that this is something you should care about?

If you are not willing to at least understand it, you will not be able to grow. If you don’t understand the basics of operational finance, you will not be able to have a successful career in hospitality.

If you want career growth, success, and recognition in hospitality, you cannot ignore the financial side of it. The finances are at the centre of any business, it is a profit-driven business after all.