How to Get the Most Out of an Informational Interview | Hospitality and Tourism Management

Informational interviews is one really good way to learn about people and different career paths in the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is super complex and has many different jobs in all 11 sectors of the industry. Starting out, it is hard to see how they are all connected and what career possibilities one has. There is no “one fits all” approach to a hospitality career.

This is why I started Savvy Hotelier: to bring all of these pieces together and clear the “hospitality career” fog for you to be able to see clearly where you could go and build your flexible path.

What informational interview are and are not

Informational interviews are a conversation initiated by yourself, as someone that wants to learn something, from someone else that is in the position to share their knowledge with you.

As a student, you can reach out to your professors to question them on their topic of expertise or professionals in the industry to ask them about their careers and day to day work.

Informational interviews are:

  • A way of connecting with people in the industry, professors and professionals

  • An opportunity to learn from someone with more experience and expertise

  • A chance to discover a new area of the industry and learn something new

  • A way to start building a personal relationship

But don’t take advantage of the precious time your professor has given you to score any special treatment, the intent of an informational interview must be curiosity.