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How To Write Hospitality Work Experience On Your Resume | Students & Graduates

Your resume is not good enough. Do you know how I know?

Because mine was too when I was a student.

Here is what it actually looked like! 😱

With my Free Resume Template and my Resume Toolkit, I made it look like this:

Much better right?

Watch the video at the end of this post of me going through the process of upgrading my old resume!

Your resume’s purpose is to promote you

Does yours?

Look at your resume quickly and tell me honestly, does it really sell you? Does it show your best side and the things you can do?

If you can honestly say YES, fantastic! You don’t need to keep reading.

If you cannot, then keep reading.

Because I am going to show you one thing you can do to your resume today to make it THAT much better!

Improve your work experience

The work experience section on your resume is very, very important.

You need to communicate your experience and value to the organisation that you are applying for.

The people that look at your resume are going to ask themselves this:

Based on what this person has done before, what can they do for me today?

You need to show them that on the resume.

Show them that your previous experience is valuable for them. That you are a valuable investment.

Here’s how.

No responsibilities, value and results

Do not list your responsibilities on your resume.

Write a value impact statement focusing on the result of the work you’ve done.

And this goes out to all the waiters, waitresses, interns, front desk agents, and runners out there!

You do so much more than just serve food or check people in. You are the most essential piece of the puzzle of that business. Without you, there wouldn’t be any hospitality at all!

You need to show the results and impact of your work, to show your value as an employee.

Hospitality work experience examples

It is easy to say, write about your value and results. But it is not easy to actually do it.

I have illustrated for you the different ways you can write about your hospitality work experience on your resume, that shows your value and results of your work.

Example 1: