Revealing Secret Hospitality Industry Careers | Build Your Future in Hospitality

Welcome to Savvy Hotelier!

My name is Maria and as your host, I am here to help hospitality students and graduates succeed in their careers through industry tips and career advice.

This is an introduction to a new series about hospitality industry careers. I am going to reveal hospitality industry career options and jobs that you probably do not have on your radar and future career vision because you don’t know about them. The "secret ones".

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Students, take advantage of your resources NOW

You cannot have something on the table that you don’t know exists in the first place, right?

I always say, the more you know about how things work and operate in the industry and the real world outside of school, the better-informed decisions you can make about your own careers, especially while you’re still a student or just starting your career as a graduate.

Why especially?

Because, you don’t want to be like me that only after graduating and starting my first job, had a realisation of how things really worked like in the real world and what options and opportunities I truly had!

Take the time and resources you have as a student to learn as much as you can about this industry and broader your understanding of your potential future career in it.