Secret Jobs in Events | Find Your Event Niche in Places You Never Knew About

A career in the event industry may seem pretty straightforward, you start off as an assistant or coordinator and move your way up to be Events Planner at a manager or director level.

But as always I ask the question, Is that it? What else is there?

Today, I am going to uncover career opportunities in the Events sector of the hospitality industry. And in the end, I am going to reveal career options and jobs you definitely have not thought about before! I promise :)

If you prefer to consume this in video format, here it is :)

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This is part of a series on hospitality industry careers, where I reveal “secret” careers and jobs that you didn’t know about in 11 hospitality industry sectors. Helping you create a career path in the hospitality industry!

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A big shout out to Lucy from Lucy’s Events Blog for helping me to put together this video! Go follow her as well if you’re building a career in the events sector!

There is more to events than you think

If you’re a hospitality management student, you’re probably not thinking about events as your career option (which you should!) and if you are, you