Secret Jobs in the Travel & Airline Industry | Travel Jobs You Never Knew About

Are you studying Hospitality Management?

Don’t really see yourself working in hotels or restaurants?

Trying to figure out a path for your career?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As a hospitality student how and future leader in the industry, this is how you can scope out roles you are interested in and put them on your career plan!

Today, I am going to uncover career opportunities in the Travel and Transportation sector of the hospitality industry. And along the way, I will share lots of handy LinkedIn tips too!

This is part of a series on hospitality industry careers, where I reveal “secret” careers and jobs that you didn’t know about in 11 hospitality industry sectors. Helping you create your own career path in the hospitality industry!

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You can learn about this on video too if you prefer to watch rather than read, that's here:

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