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Secret Jobs in the Travel & Airline Industry | Travel Jobs You Never Knew About

Are you studying Hospitality Management?

Don’t really see yourself working in hotels or restaurants?

Trying to figure out a path for your career?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As a hospitality student how and future leader in the industry, this is how you can scope out roles you are interested in and put them on your career plan!

Today, I am going to uncover career opportunities in the Travel and Transportation sector of the hospitality industry. And along the way, I will share lots of handy LinkedIn tips too!

This is part of a series on hospitality industry careers, where I reveal “secret” careers and jobs that you didn’t know about in 11 hospitality industry sectors. Helping you create your own career path in the hospitality industry!

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You can learn about this on video too if you prefer to watch rather than read, that's here:

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So today, we’re looking at the Travel and Transportation sector of the hospitality industry!

Let’s define the Travel and Transportation sector

Travel and Transportation sector includes means of transport such as aeroplane, car, bus, bike, train, etc. Any means that you use to transport yourself from A to B to C is part of the travel and transportation sector. The sector also includes all companies that allow for that to take place - travel agencies and suppliers.

To clarify, tourism is not included in this sector, the tourism sector is about destination management and we will cover it in this series in a few weeks time. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube or sing up to get alerts in your inbox so you don’t miss them every Tuesday!

Sign up to the #savvyhotelier tribe in the top corner of this page to get notified on email every Tuesday when I post the next episode. There is no spam, I promise 😉

What kind of jobs can you have in the Travel and Transportation sector?

Let’s start by exploring the airline industry.

It is a fascinating one and has a lot of layers to unfold. And actually, I am not going to look at airlines themselves today, I am going to look at a company that is involved in the running of the airport itself and that airlines use as a supplier.

Let’s look at a company called SATS.

Their company description is:

SATS is Asia's leading provider of food solutions and gateway services.

Our food solutions include airline catering as well as central kitchens for food service chains and institutions. Our comprehensive gateway services encompass airfreight handling, passenger services, ramp handling, baggage handling, aviation security services, aircraft interior and exterior cleaning, as well as cruise centre management. 

They provide essential services to the airport and airlines. Without SATS neither would be able to operate. That’s a lot! They practically do everything at the airport!

Have you ever thought about the companies and people that it takes to operate something as complex as an airport?

So let’s go ahead and look at the jobs you can have at this company.

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can find out a lot of jobs you never knew about before at all kinds of companies.

Here’s how you find jobs for your career on LinkedIn

Your first instinct could be to just go to the jobs section, which is a good place, you could find something interesting there, but you are limited to the jobs that are posted and are open for hire.

Here is where you go click on “See all employees on LinkedIn” or "People" and get presented with a list of people on LinkedIn that have claimed to be working at the company.

You can see as far as the 3rd-degree connection, and depending on the individual’s personal setting you can see details of their personal profile. This is THE best way to learn about people’s careers and discover jobs you didn’t know about!