The Hospitality Management Students’ Guide to Summer 2020 | 8 Things To Do This Summer

Lost your hospitality summer internship? Not sure what to do to gain that valuable experience? Let me help you with that.

You are going to have the best answer to the inevitable question: What did you do in the summer of 2020? #wdydsummer2020

It will be fine in the end, you are not alone in this

Firstly, do not stress that your whole career is now over and you will not get that essential experience that your internship was supposed to give you.

Loosing your potential source of income sucks. Many people all over the world have lost their jobs and no one knows when or if they’ll get them back.

In perspective, everyone in the world is in this messed-up situation so having “a gap” on you CV will not make it look like you are lazy and not proactive about your career, it will likely be a gap on many CVs.

So take a deep breath and think about all the things you could do instead!

(This article is not going to be suitable if you need to find an income to sustain your life. This is for you that are able to support yourselves financially this summer despite not having a job or internship.)

Develop your career and education in hospitality and tourism management

When it comes to doing things that are professionally or educationally related to your future career in the hospitality industry (hotel/tourism/restaurants/airlines/etc) there is a lot you can