Top 5 Tips For Finding That Hospitality Internship

In the hospitality industry, work experience is usually valued higher than academic achievements. Paradoxically, academical achievements are often necessary to get the foot in the door or to get that promotion. (Caveat, it depends on where in the industry and what your employer values.)

Work experience in hospitality management degrees

To support graduates entering the workforce after graduation and ensure that their graduates get jobs, universities have put in place mandatory work experience as part of the degree (statistically, if most of the graduates get jobs, it reflects positively on the university).

This forces the university students to get out there and look for an internship, making them question what it is they want to do after they graduate. Most universities that provide degrees in Hospitality Management will require either two/three short internships or one long internship. (Varies in each degree and university.)

Not required in your university? Do it anyway.

If you are doing a degree that does not require you to complete work experience, you should go out and find some for yourself anyway. Not only will it be a good experience, but it will also show that you are proactive and driven about your own career and development.

Top 5 tips for finding that hospitality internship