What are the Sectors of the Hospitality Industry?

The Hospitality Industry is an umbrella term for a collection of business sectors that have a lot in common and that work closely together.

I will share with you my view of the industry brake down. You will be able to see the scope and complexity of it, as well as image all potential career paths in the hospitality industry.

What is the hospitality industry?

A group of businesses have been roofed under the umbrella of hospitality because of the services and experiences they provide to the same group of people.

Most will tell you there are 3 or 4 or 5 sectors in the hospitality industry, and they will bundle up huge industries into one headline. I think they are wrong and are doing the industry a huge disservice.

The hospitality industry is big and complex, and could not be described in just 3 or 5 headlines. It covers the full guest journey of a traveller and then some.

The 11 sectors of the hospitality industry:

1. Accommodation

The Accommodation sector includes everything from local small B&Bs, to hotels and hostels, and house share like Airbnb and Couchsurf. In its essence, this sector is about providing you with a room and a bed to sleep in.

Depending on your needs, budget, and destination you will have a choice of different accommodation types in most destinations.

2. Food & Beverage

Food & beverage sector includes restaurants, bars, cafes and any other food markets where people gather to socialise, eat, and drink. As consumer’s demands change, more pop up restaurants and innovative concepts pop-up to keep us entertained.

3. Travel & Transportation

Often you see Travel and Tourism combined into one sector, but I think that’s wrong. I think they are two separate business sectors.