Why Work Experience is NOT Important in the Hospitality Industry

Do you ever think this about your work experience?

“I must get the relevant internship during my hospitality degree so that I can then get the right job after graduation”

“If I want to work in hotels, all other experience is irrelevant, so I will only do internships in hotels”

“I cannot learn things I need to know in my future hospitality career if I do an internship in another industry or field”

Well, you’re not alone.

Most hospitality management students think that there is “more relevant” and “irrelevant” experience. It’s ok if you do too, it’s not your fault, you only think so because you have been told so.

Your professors are telling you that. Your career counsellors are telling you that.

But they are all wrong.

Why? Because they are far too removed from the day to day real world of the industry. Because they have been professors for the last 10, 15, or 20 years and things have changed in the hiring and employment processes since then. They just didn’t get the memo.