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Hospitality Students Careers

Advice, Tips, Resources

The hospitality industry has the most varied and diverse range of career opportunities possible out there! You chose the best place to start your career. 

Because it is so big, so varied, and so so complex, it is hard to understand all your opportunities and get a grip of the potential future career paths. The university is just not able to tell you everything!

I created Savvy Hotelier to help you navigate the sea that is the hospitality industry. To find your career in it and be the best student and professional you can be.

My name is Maria, I am your Savvy Hotelier :)

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Access templates and detailed resources: hotel jobs and what they do, resume templates, or skills inventory!


All for free, just your email in exchange. (Login required)



Want to understand your future career path or need help picking your internship?

Ask me anything! 

Email me at

or DM me on Instagram @savvyhotelier.

All hospitality industry tips and advice, right here, on my blog. Specifically for hospitality management students.

Anything from hotel ownership structures, specific jobs, to tips of what to do the summer of 2020.

Can't find what you're looking for? Let me know!



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