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Application & Research Tracker Use a simple spreadsheet to organise your research and tracking for your internships and work experience. That way you can have an overview of everything and not forget to follow up! Access Resume Template This 1-page resume template is simple, professional, and most importantly, showcases your value to the employer! Access  (zip file download) The Hotel Guide: detailed hotel org chart and their jobs Working in a hotel is not all front desk and room service. There is a lot more to it and I tell you all about it in this hotel guide. Discover hotel jobs you didn't know about and understand how the organisation works! Access Skills & Industry Match Take a minute and think about the things you enjoy doing at work today and what professional (hospitality or general) skills you have. What would you like to do with them? Think about all hospitality industry sectors, where else could you apply your skills? Access
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52 Hospitality Companies to Follow in 2021

This is a list of companies in various categories of the hospitality industry that I recommend you follow to stay informed. It covers hotels, OTAs, apartment rentals, airlines, travel magazines, and industry research. It is NOT the one and only full list of companies to follow, there are many more companies out there and there are plenty more local and regional companies to where you are. This is a place to start learning and reading industry news, magazines and staying informed. You don’t have to follow them all, pick those that you are interested and focus in on the area of hospitality that you are interested in. When choosing to follow the companies, consider this: Follow the parent brand (like Marriott International) and their hotel brands (JW Marriott or Moxy, and don’t forget their loyalty programme brand) on social media, at least on LinkedIn. I suggest to also consider Instagram or Facebook so that you can also see their consumer content. Subscribe to their press releases an

The 6 Hospitality Podcasts for Hospitality Students

Podcasts became the perfect partner for my walks in April this year during the first lockdown. I was trying to find a new way to consume industry information and to distract myself in the new world that 2020 was becoming. As a hospitality student, you’ve got to stay informed with what is going on in the industry today. Because it ultimately impacts you, if not today, it will eventually when you enter the working world. Find hospitality newspapers and magazines to follow in the previous blog post here. The 6 podcasts that hospitality students should listen to The list in no specific order, one is not better than the other. There are 100s of hospitality podcasts out there and it is hard to know where to start. So start here, explore these 6 podcasts and begin learning about the big world of hospitality and get inspired for your future in it! Hospitality Mavericks By Michael Tingsager About: “We are on a mission to inspire leaders and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and restaurant indust

Where To Start When You Don't Know Where To Start | Hospitality Student Career Options

There are thousands of career options in the hospitality industry , w here do you begin? How do you figure out what to do? Some of us know what we want but many of us don’t. I didn't know back when I was a student just like you. This is for hospitality and tourism students that do not know what they want to do and don’t know where to start with trying to figure it out. Forget about the plan When you’re interested in a little bit of everything and don’t know what you want to do, it is really hard to know where to begin. Old school career advice isn’t helpful either. “Decide on your 5 and 10-year career goals and make a plan to get there.” How? How do you figure it out? It’s helpful when you know you want something specific. But if you’re starting from scratch, you’re young and don’t have any experience , it’s the worst career advice ever. A 5-year plan is such an outdated concept. It only applies to a small % of people that know exactly what they want to do and doesn’t really wor