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Revealing Secret Hospitality Industry Careers | Build Your Future in Hospitality

 Welcome to Savvy Hotelier!

My name is Maria and as your host, I am here to help hospitality students and graduates succeed in their careers through industry tips and career advice.

This is an introduction to a new series about hospitality industry careers. I am going to reveal hospitality industry career options and jobs that you probably do not have on your radar and future career vision because you don’t know about them. The "secret ones".

If you prefer to consume this content in video format, here it is!

Every Tuesday, I will post a new YouTube video and a blog post exploring this, so make sure you sign up in the top corner of this page to get notified on email. There is no spam, I promise 😉

Students, take advantage of your resources NOW

You cannot have something on the table that you don’t know exists in the first place, right?

I always say, the more you know about how things work and operate in the industry and the real world outside of school, the better-informed decisions you can make about your own careers, especially while you’re still a student or just starting your career as a graduate.

Why especially?

Because, you don’t want to be like me that only after graduating and starting my first job, had a realisation of how things really worked like in the real world and what options and opportunities I truly had!

Take the time and resources you have as a student to learn as much as you can about this industry and broader your understanding of your potential future career in it.

Use your professors, your university network of students, professionals and employers in close relationship with the university, alumni and other resources.

Because once you become a full-time professional, you will no longer have the same access to those networks and it becomes that much harder. Take advantage of it all!

What we'll cover in this series

This hospitality industry careers series is going to look at each one of the 11 Hospitality Industry sectors. Yes, 11.

I believe that those that say that the hospitality industry has 3-4-5 sectors are doing the industry a disservice. The hospitality industry is so complicated, so big and full of so many different areas, how could you just combine it into a few sectors?

I'm going to explore all 11 sectors of the industry:

So here’s how each video and blog post in the Hospitality Industry Careers series is going to be structured:

Look into one sector from the list at a time, I will first briefly introduce the sector and some of its stats. Just to set the tone a bit.

Then I am going dive straight into it, exploring those career options and jobs you didn’t know about!

Awesome right? Let me know what sector you're most excited about! @savvyhotelier on Instagram

We won’t be able to fit the whole accommodation industry in one video, so we will start with hotels only, and look into the rest of the accommodation sector later on.

I am so excited to do this series of videos for you and show you the things I wish I knew when I was a student myself. Oh how much I had to learn..

See you next week!



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